Tyrone davis - there it is

Come at 5 and get a costume and a script, or settle in your seat to watch, sing, and celebrate the whole story of Christmas. (This is a play, not a worship service, so there is no communion or sermon). Appropriate for children and drama queens of all ages.

In 1958, Falana's first dancing gig was at age sixteen [2] during a Dinah Washington nightclub appearance in Philadelphia in which Washington gave Falana the opening act slot to perform. Washington, dubbed the “Queen of Blues”, was influential in fostering Falana's early career. While dancing in a chorus line in Atlantic City, New Jersey [3] , Falana was discovered by Sammy Davis Jr. [10] , who gave her a featured role in his 1964 Broadway musical Golden Boy . After the musical, Falana launched her music career later in 1964. Her first single, "My Baby", was recorded and released for Mercury Records in 1965. Later in her career, Falana recorded under Frank Sinatra 's record label. In the late-1960s, Falana was mentored by Davis.

Tyrone Davis - There It IsTyrone Davis - There It IsTyrone Davis - There It IsTyrone Davis - There It Is